Grow Your Leads & Audience With A Footer Call To Action

Are you wasting valuable website real estate? Your website footer appears on every page of your website – so make the most of it! 

If someone has read through your article or checked out your services, they might love what you have to offer, but they’re not quite ready to start working with you. 

A footer Call to Action at the bottom of the page with a lead magnet provides an opportunity for people to find out more, stay in touch and then buy later when they are ready.

High value lead magnet

Especially on a mobile device, one decent scroll can take visitors all the way to the end of the page. Waiting in the footer should be an irresistible lead magnet designed for conversions! 

Preferably free or low-resistance, your lead magnet needs to be something of value in exchange for people’s contact details. Something more than just ‘sign up for our newsletter’.

Depening on your business, it could be content such as eBooks, templates, quiz, checklists, a free course, webinar, an audit or quote.

The critical requirements for a successful lead magnet are that it needs to: 

  1. Be valuable and helpful (and attractive) to your potential clients at the stage they are at before they engage with your services. It should help solve a problem for them, even in a small way.
  2. It should be a logical lead in to your core services. No point solving a problem that is not related to what you offer or attracting leads that are not going then go on to need what you have to offer later.

Do website footers increase conversions?

Yes! If somebody reads to the end of your page, there’s a good chance that they’re interested in what you have to say (or offer). Research shows that website footers increase conversions by over 23%, and revenue per visitor by 16%.

What else goes in the footer?

At the very least, you should look after visitors who have scrolled all the way down to the end of the page. Include basic navigation and contact info in the footer to save people having to scroll all the way back to the top. 

Using footer navigation can also be a great way of reducing clutter from the top header navigation, move pages to the footer which are not important for first time visitors to see.

Things like social media profile links are also best to put in the footer, as it is good to have these on the page if people want to follow you on their favourite platform, but you don’t want to encourage new visitors to leave the website by putting these at the top of the page. 

As discussed, a Footer Call to Action invites website visitors to actively engage with your business. We like to see a nice big offer at the bottom of every page, with an image, a few bullet points of the benefits and email opt-in.

The footer is also a good place to include some social proof and trust elements such as testimonials, reviews, quality logos, qualifications, associations etc. To reinforce the legitimacy of your business on every page.

Turn your website into a moneymaking machine!

Ideally, your primary goal will be at the top of the page and your secondary goal in the footer. So if visitors are not ready to get started right now, you will grow a list of people who are interested in your products or services. 

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