Russell Mackenzie

“I just want to say how happy I am with my new speed, it's almost scary quick at 98 on mobile! Your guys are very responsive too, you've done a great job with your recruiting and your systems.”

Russell Mackenzie

Russell Mackenzie
Adelaide West Physio, AUS

Why Do You Need Faster Page speed?

  • Faster website page speed improves your Quality Score, which leads to lower ad costs and higher ad rankings.
  • A speedy website reduces user frustration, reduces page errors or unresponsive features, improving users' experience with your brand.
  • Higher speed scores lead to better Google rankings, as search engines prioritize websites that provide a positive user experience.
  • Mobile users are more likely to abandon slow websites, so improving mobile page speed is crucial for mobile engagement and conversions.
  • A faster website ensures that visitors can quickly find the information they're looking for, reducing your bounce rates and increasing engagement.
  • Overall, improving your pagespeed will improve your conversion rates and make it cheaper and easier to increase traffic to your site.
Mobile phone showing speed test.

We’re Trusted Worldwide by Business Owners…

“If you’ve been enjoying the experience at SuperFastBusiness, it’s in part because Justin and his team have given us some good suggestions on making it more usable. They’ve also been looking after a lot of my customers and I’m getting great feedback.”
James Shramko

James Schramko
Superfast Business, AUS

“For Speed Optimizations & Technical Advice, I always recommend TunedWP's services. Many of my clients come back very happy with faster sites that perform much better.”
Gert Mellak

Gert Mellak
SEO Leverage, Spain

“In less than two weeks, Justin identified why my site was so slow and fixed the code to double our site speed. He's affable, responsive, and it's been a pleasure working with him and the rest of the team at TunedWP.”
Evan Marc Katz

Evan Marc Katz
Dating Coach For Women, USA

“Thank you to you and your team. I feel I can really grow now and know that I have the support I need and needed for so long.”

Emma Jory
Epilates Online, Malaysia

Proven Page Speed Optimization Framework

Fast hosting.

Fast Hosting

Lightning fast hosting close to your target market. We can recommend the best solution for you and help you implement it.

Global data center.

Content Delivery Network

Serve up your website fast anywhere around the globe. We implement a solution that speeds up your website, add website security & reduces hosting load.

Lego House

Browser Caching Systems

Optimised Caching systems deliver copies of your website files. Reducing load on your hosting server and speeding up your website load time.

File compression.

Website File Size

Reduce the size of your website files by eliminating unnecessary code and files and reducing file size though compression and minification.

Loading media icon.

Media Optimisation

Optimise the formatting, size and compression of your images to load faster on different devices and optimise the behaviour of video scripts.

Loading priority.

Loading Priority

Prioritising the files, scripts and styling of the elements needed to view the top of your website, delaying everything else to load later.

Man holding mobile phone.

Mobile Speed

Making sure that your website loads fast on smaller mobile devices that have a different layout and display elements smaller.

Page Speed Insights with Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals

Optimising your website for Google's Core Web Vitals: Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID) & Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS).

How the Speed Boost Works


Staging Copy

We’ll create a copy of your website in our secure testing environment so that our work won’t affect your live website.


Script Tidy Up

Your site will get a tidy-up to remove or change any unnecessary scripts or plugins or code that may be slowing down your website.


Cache Testing

Several caching systems, settings & CDN options will be tested to find what produces the best results without display issues.


Display Testing

A second ninja will thoroughly double-check over your website copy to make sure that none of the changes have caused any issues.


Testing Report

You’ll get the test results, showing which changes have produced the best results & check the test site before giving approval.


Implement Live

A WordPress expert will Implement the winning results directly onto your live website without causing any downtime.


Optimise Images

The image optimisation is performed on the live site and CDN system is implemented giving a higher score than the test site.


Live Report

We’ll do our final checks and tests and send you the final report. Expect 98+ Mobile Speed Score results unless there are major issues.

Choose an Option for Your Speed Boost

Speed Boost

Once-off Speed Boost

Testing in a staging environment

Image optimisation and site tweaks

Caching & CDN testing and optimisation

Testing Report

Implement best results on your live site

Typically 98+ Mobile Speed Score

Get Started Now

Velocity Plan

Ongoing Speed Improvement

Monthly Speed Optimization

Unlimited Minor Website Tasks

Monthly Security Management

Wordpress Cloud Hosting

Priority Response Support

Annual Website Audit

Get Started Now
All prices in USD.

Case Study

Load Time Reduced To Less Than 1 Second!

We improved the load speed on from a load time of 6.0sec with a page speed score of 88% to a load time of 0.7sec and a score of 98%.

The improvements we implemented in this case was just optimising the Files Size, Media & Loading Priority. This website already had Fast Hosting with a CDN and premium Caching in place and was well structured from a coding point of view with a lightweight theme and few plugins.

Case Study Image

Frequently Asked Questions

What results can I expect from the Speed Boost package?
Typical results are a mobile page speed score of 98-100.

Unless your website has major structural issues, we will make sure that you get at least a 90+ mobile speed score, which is the ‘Good’ rating by Google.
How do you measure speed results?

While we might use other tools to gain insights, the main score that we care about and use to benchmark is the Mobile Speed Score from

This is because this is the score that Google uses to decide if your website is fast and this affects your SEO results and Ad costs. This is also the hardest score to improve, so if this is good, you’ll be good in other measurements.

Do You Perform Conversion Rate Optimisation & Split Testing?
Yes, we can help you with a full Conversion Rate Optimisation service including ongoing testing, reporting and improvement over at
Do you work on my live website?
Only after we have completed testing and you have approved the results will we make any adjustments to your live website.

We’ll need access to the live website to create a copy for our testing, but we won’t change anything until AFTER the testing.

Some improvements will only be implemented on the live website and will not be included in the testing. This is mainly just image optimisation which is too time-consuming to do twice.. These things almost never cause problems on the site, but we test after implementing them.
What Are Caching Systems?

Caching is when you create a pre-built copy of a page, or parts of a page to save time loading the page.

Every website is different and there are many different types and layers of caching on most websites (e.g. server-level, WordPress level, CDN level) and sometimes there can be 2 or more systems active on these levels. Learn more here -

We will test different types, configurations and settings of these caching systems to find which one produces the best results for your website, without causing any display issues.

Can I call you guys up?

We don’t offer phone support, so if you have an urgent concern, your best option is to email us. We’ll reply quickly.

But if you want to talk to someone about your situation and your needs, you can book in a time here for a video call with our director

Why is your Cloud Hosting better?
Our hosting network includes data centers in Sydney, London, 8 US major cities and others in Europe and Asia, so you can choose a location closest to the bulk of your customers. Plus, the superior caching and CDN technology keeps copies of your website files in data centers all over the world, making your website load fast from anywhere around the globe.
Is there a contract period on the Velocity Plan?
No, we don’t believe in lock-in contract periods, we work on a month by month basis, confident in the fact that we provide enough value to your business that you won’t want to cancel. But if for some reason you do, you can cancel at any stage, and we will even help you migrate away to another service.

But you can ask us about discounted annual plans if you prefer to pay annually.
Do I have to use your hosting?
No, you don’t. Plenty of our clients prefer to use their own hosting solution. And for websites with large hosting demands we recommend and assist clients to set up their own hosting solutions. The Optional hosting included in our plans is only suitable for marketing/content websites, not ecommerce or membership websites etc. We offer this because it makes it easier for us to support your website and manage security if it is hosted in our hosting environment.
What is included in the Monthly Speed Optimisation?
This includes 1 hour of speed improvement work per month from our speed expert. We aim to make improvements to your page load speed, however some months it may only be a modest improvement. We will send a before/after report each month.
What does Priority Response Support mean?
We aim to respond quickly to all requests, especially urgent issues that affect your business.
However, occasionally we get overloaded and need to prioritise the tasks on our plate.
As a Velocity Support client, your emails and tasks will always get top priority.
What does unlimited minor tasks include?
Minor website tasks are any *Group of Tasks* requested that will take 1 hour or less to complete.

This can include updating small sections of your website, adding content you've supplied (pages, products, blog posts, images etc), re-styling a section of your website, fixing small issues, etc.

Anything that goes over 1 hour will need to be quoted in advance.

Do you manage my Domain?
No, we believe that such an important asset as your domain name should be entirely registered in your name and held in an account that you have full ownership and control over. You can simply give us access to your account for us to set up your website on our service.
Do you outsource?
No, we do not outsource our core service of WordPress Development and Support. All of our developers and support staff are 100% hired full-time, in-house. There are a few auxiliary services that we get asked for that we occasionally outsource.
Affiliates and Resellers
We have both an affiliate and a white-label reseller program. You can choose which one suits you best. But basically we have a margin built in to market and grow our business. We are happy to give that to you for sending clients to us directly.