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“A client's website was infected by Malware, the support team from TunedWP responded very quickly and managed to fix the issue and hardened the security on the site in a short space of time.
Due to this, I've had the hardening work done on multiple websites including our own.
I recommend TunedWP for any WordPress support or security”

Russell Mackenzie

Stephen Berry
Greenfish Marketing

Why Do You Need WordPress Security?

  • Out of the box WordPress has some functionalities you probably don’t need which are just creating vulnerabilities.
  • Because WordPress is so popular bots and malware are set up to target default settings, adjusting them defeats those attacks.
  • Implementing the standard security hardening can protect your website against the majority of bot attacks and malware infections. Ongoing security processes protect against the rest.
  • Investing in prevention is ALWAYS cheaper than paying to deal with an infection after it has occured, both in money and in time and stress.
  • Security is not a once-off project, it is an ongoing system to stay updated and ahead of the constantly evolving threats.
Wordpress Malware Cleanup

We’re Trusted Worldwide by Business Owners…

“TunedWP has been one of the best decisions we have made in support of our website. I'm extremely happy with the service they provide.”

David Hines

David Hines
Rapid STD Testing, USA

“The team at Tuned WP are amazing, couldn't recommend them high enough, super quick response, reasonable rates and great knowledge, they saved us from another terrible company and had us up and running again quickly.”

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Peter Laskovsky
Whitelace Press, AUS

“Awesome responsive service, thank you!”

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Mike Kennedy
Nationala Guitar Academy, UK

“Thank you to you and your team. I feel I can really grow now and know that I have the support I need and needed for so long.”

Emma Jory
Epilates Online, Malaysia

How the Infection Cleanup & Hardening works



After you purchase, you’ll be directed to a form that will give us the access details we need to work on your website. If you don’t have all the details, fill out as much as you can and we’ll work out the rest via email.


Site Scan

Once we can access your website, we’ll run our own scans to identify the type of infection and how widespread it is, and then we’ll get to work cleaning up your website files.



We’ll also investigate the most probable infection path to prevent infection from recurring. In some cases, additional steps may be needed depending on the severity of the infection.


Clean & Harden

Once the website is clean, we implement security hardening to lock down your website against re-infection or other types of future attacks. Ongoing security management is recommended to keep your site secure, but it is up to you.

Choose an Option for Your Security Hardening

Malware Infection Cleanup & Hardening

Malware Infection Cleanup

Security Hardening

Adjust Default Settings

Security Plugin Installations

Set up Security Headers

Plugin Updates

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Security Management

Secure Cloud Hosting

24/7 Email Support

Regular Malware Scans

3 Layer Backups

Plugin Updates

Search Console Checks

Infection Cleanups

Discounted Hardening

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Security Hardening

Security Hardening

Update Login Address

Security Plugin Installations

Set up Security Headers

Plugin Updates

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All prices in USD.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your email support response times?
Our support team are monitoring the support desk 24 hours a day Monday to Friday. And we will reply to any request or question within an hour. Plus we give higher priority to any Urgent issues that might be affecting your business.

While we don’t currently have a 1 hour response time on weekends, we do keep an eye on the emails incase you have an urgent issue. If so we’ll jump on it quickly and help you out as soon as we can. But anything non-urgent may have to wait until Monday.
What does 3 Layers of backups mean?
  1. You get daily server side backups which are stored remotely and kept for 8 days.
  2. At a WordPress level we take ‘incremental’ backups, so everytime you make a set of changes, a backup version is created just for those changes. These are stored for approx 3 months in external cloud-hosting.
  3. Monthly full wordpress backups are taken and stored in DropBox storage.
    So we always have a fall-back in case something goes wrong, even the worst-case scenario.
What is included in Maintenance checks?

- Uptime monitoring and proactive recovery in cases of downtime (99.9% Up-time)
- Plugins, Theme and WordPress software updated securely
- Site manually checked for errors after updates and error fixes implemented
- Immediate vulnerability patches implemented upon release
- Regular Malware scans and Full Recovery site cleanup for any malware infections.
- Google Search Console checked for errors
- All website Forms are checked each month to ensure they are working correctly
- Site checked for broken links
- Monthly report submitted with recommendations for improvement

Can I call you guys up?

We don’t offer phone support, so if you have an urgent concern, your best option is to email us. We’ll reply quickly.

But if you want to talk to someone about your situation and your needs, you can always schedule a time here for a video call with our director Justin Meadows

Do I have to use your hosting?

No, you don’t. Plenty of our clients prefer to use their own hosting solution. And for websites with large hosting demands we recommend and assist clients to set up their own hosting solutions.

The Optional hosting included in our plans is only suitable for marketing/content websites, not ecommerce or membership websites etc. We offer this because it makes it easier for us to support your website and manage security if it is hosted in our hosting environment.

Why is your Cloud Hosting better?

Our hosting network includes data centers in Sydney, London, 8 US major cities and others in Europe and Asia, so you can choose a location closest to the bulk of your customers. Plus, the superior caching and CDN technology keeps copies of your website files in data centers all over the world, making your website load fast from anywhere around the globe.

What is the DNS Hosting?
We will setup Cloudflare DNS hosting for you (or use your existing account). This has a number of benefits; it makes changing servers a faster and smoother process, it provides an extra layer of security by hiding the location of your server from the public and DDoS attacks, it also helps to speed up your website.

DNS hosting holds the information about which server your domain is pointed to. But Cloudflare is also a CDN, meaning it hosts a cached version of your website as close as possible to your visitors, so they can view your website super fast.
What Are Caching Systems?
Caching is when you create a pre-built copy of a page, or parts of a page to save time loading the page.

Every website is different and there are many different types and layers of caching on most websites (e.g. server-level, WordPress level, CDN level) and sometimes there can be 2 or more systems active on these levels. Learn more here -

We will test different types, configurations and settings of these caching systems to find which one produces the best results for your website, without causing any display issues.
Is there a contract period?

No, we don’t believe in lock-in contract periods, we work on a month by month basis, confident in the fact that we provide enough value to your business that you won’t want to cancel. But if for some reason you do, you can cancel at any stage, and we will even help you migrate away to another service.

But you can ask us about discounted annual plans if you prefer to pay annually.

Do you manage my Domain?

No, we believe that such an important asset as your domain name should be entirely registered in your name and held in an account that you have full ownership and control over. You can simply give us access to your account for us to set up your website on our service.

Do you outsource?
No, we do not outsource any of the services we offer. All of our WordPress developers and support staff are 100% hired full-time, in-house. If you need a service that we don’t provide in-house, we will refer you to a trusted provider.

Affiliates and Resellers
We have both an affiliate and a white-label reseller program. You can choose which one suits you best. But basically, we have a margin built into market and grow our business. We are happy to give that to you for sending clients to us directly.