Magnus Unemyr

“As a marketing automation consultant, I often work closely with great web developers. The work done by TunedWP was however far beyond expectations and I am extremely pleased. Highly recommended!”

Magnus Unemyr

Magnus Unemyr
Marketing Automation Consultant, SWEDEN

Tune Up The Conversions Of Your Website

  • Complete Website Performance Audit And Recommendations To Increase Sales Conversions
  • Website Support, Hosting & Security Service With Regular Audits To Maintain High Performance
  • Tuning The 8 Key Factors Will Have A Multiplying Effect On Profit Leveraging Your Existing Marketing
  • Improving User Experience Builds Brand Loyalty That Can Give You Customers For Life
  • Tuned Websites Are More Sharable, Increasing Word-of-mouth, Referrals & Organic Free Traffic
Tune Up

Optimising Your Website In The Following 8 Key Areas

First Impression


Provide a clear message to your core target market and compel them to take action. Use great design to make them feel they are in the right place and guide them to what they need.

Trust & Authority


Build trust with your prospects on your website, establish your authority as an expert and provide personality to help them know and like you.

Leads & Funnel


Encourage prospects to take the next step with a strong Call To Action. Collect and track interested leads and guide them to become paying clients.

Page Load Speed


Ensure your website loads as fast as possible on desktop and mobile. Loading fast provides a better customer experience; increasing conversions, ad performance and SEO rankings.

Search Engine Optimisation


Structure your website to provide helpful and relevant content to your target audience. Then share it on social platforms to get higher search engine rankings and better reach.

Mobile Experience


Make it as easy as possible for your target audience to consume your content and read your message on mobile devices through to large desktop screens.

Website Security


Protect your website and your customers contact information from hackers and malware, prevently brand damaging and costly defacement or corruption of your website.

Asset Control


Use your website to build valuable and saleable assets for your business that you have full ownership and control over, reducing business risk of asset or income loss.

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We’re Trusted Worldwide by Business Owners…

“TunedWP has been great to work with. The entire team has been exceptionally polite, proficient, and fast. When I have requests for adjustments or fixes to my site they respond immediately and keep me informed throughout the process.”
Scott Cowan

Scott Cowan
Explore Washington State, USA

“TunedWP have taken care of my website for the past year or so and I've been really happy with their work. The team are really responsive, and very pleasant to deal with. I always feel like I'm in good hands.”
Anthea Falkiner

Anthea Falkiner
Bright Spenders, AUS

“In less than two weeks, Justin identified why my site was so slow and fixed the code to double our site speed. He's affable, responsive, and it's been a pleasure working with him and the rest of the team at TunedWP.”
Evan Marc Katz

Evan Marc Katz
Dating Coach For Women, USA

“The number of visitors to my blog has increased, the phone is ringing more and more. The team are very responsive to my requests. Thank you very much for doing an awesome job!”
Patrik Hutzel

Patrik Hutzel
Intensive Care Hotline, AUS

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Performance Audit?
We evaluate 36+ elements of your website that affect its performance in the key areas from our performance Blueprint: Speed, SEO, Mobile Experience, Security, Lead Generation, Trust, Design & Asset building.
Do you provide SEO services?
We can advise and optimise your website for the fundamentals of SEO Good Practice, but for snippet or content writing, campaign strategy, competitor analysis, keyword targeting, link building we will refer you to our excellent SEO Partners.
Do You Perform Conversion Rate Optimisation & Split Testing?
We don’t currently offer packages or services, however it is a service that we are working towards offering in future.
Can You Improve My Sales Copy?
We don’t provide copywriting services, but we will critique your messaging and provide general advice on improvements, but we will need to introduce you to one of our kickass copywriting partners if you need specific help.
What does unlimited minor tasks include?
Minor website tasks are any *Group of Tasks* requested that will take 1 hour or less to complete.

This can include updating small sections of your website, adding content you've supplied (pages, products, blog posts, images etc), re-styling a section of your website, fixing small issues, etc.

Anything that goes over 1 hour will need to be quoted in advance.
Affiliates and Resellers
We have both an affiliate and a white-label reseller program. You can choose which one suits you best. But basically we have a margin built in to market and grow our business. We are happy to give that to you for sending clients to us directly.
Why is your Cloud Hosting better?
Our hosting network includes data centers in Sydney, London, 8 US major cities and others in Europe and Asia, so you can choose a location closest to the bulk of your customers. Plus, the superior caching and CDN technology keeps copies of your website files in data centers all over the world, making your website load fast from anywhere around the globe.
What is included in Security maintenance?
Updating plugins, themes and WordPress files are part of the monthly maintenance. And on some rare occasions that updating any of these breaks the site, we will fix those as well with no added charge. We also do a manual check over your websites main pages to make sure they are displaying properly, before and after the check. We run a security scan, a performance scan, we run a manual backup and we check a few other things to make sure your website is performing well. Then we send you a report after we have finished.
Can I get Speed Optimisation on any other package?

Included in the Velocity Support is monthly speed optimisation.

But we can also offer our Speed Boost service on any plan if you just need it occasionally.

Note that you will get a discount on the service if you are covered by one of our support plans.

Just send an email to [email protected] and let us know you want to improve your page load speed, we will run an audit of your website and outline our suggestions to get you a 90+ mobile speed score and provide a quote for your approval.

Can I call you guys up?

We don’t offer phone support, so if you have an urgent concern, your best option is to email us. We’ll reply quickly.

But if you want to talk to someone about your situation and your needs, you can always schedule a time here for a video call with our director Justin Meadows

Is there a contract period?
No, we don’t believe in lock-in contract periods, we work on a month by month basis, confident in the fact that we provide enough value to your business that you won’t want to cancel. But if for some reason you do, you can cancel at any stage, and we will even help you migrate away to another service.

But you can ask us about discounted annual plans if you prefer to pay annually.
Do you manage my Domain?
No, we believe that such an important asset as your domain name should be entirely registered in your name and help in an account that you have full ownership and control over. You can simply give us access to your account for us to set up your website on our service.
Do you outsource?
No, we do not outsource any of the services we offer. All of our WordPress developers and support staff are 100% hired full-time, in-house. If you need a service that we don’t provide in-house, we will refer you to a trusted provider.