1 hour response times
Unlimited Minor Website Changes
No Lock-in Contracts
24/7 Support Services
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Hear From our Amazing Clients…

Food For Fitness
“This is without a doubt the best subscription service I have joined and incredible value for money.

The team are superb, they respond quickly, the quality of work is first class.”
Food For Fitness

Scott Baptie
Food For Fitness, UK

"We are so thrilled with the new website! You guys are absolutely second to none, I always got a prompt reply to every email - even if it was the middle of the night for you guys! You always had my back, thanks again for all your hard work.”

Danni Dunster
Open n Shut, UK

Intensive Care Hotline
"The number of visitors to my blog has increased, the phone is ringing more and more. The team are very responsive to my requests. Thank you very much for doing an awesome job!"
Intensive Care Hotline

Patrik Hutzel
Intensive Care Hotline, AUS

Ebass Guitar
"It’s so so good to know I can send a simple email and get a response back super fast and know that my website and my income are secure. If there are problems, they can be sorted fast."
Ebass Guitar

James Eager
Ebass Guitar, UK

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to the Stress, Frustration and Guesswork Involved in Managing Your own Website

As a business owner or entrepreneur, it can feel like you’re responsible for every moving piece in your business - from serving your clients and customers, to creating new products and services, to managing your team, to all the admin tasks and more.

So, when your website crashes, your content needs uploading, your security gets breached, or you’re just not seeing the kind of website performance your business needs, it can add a lot of unnecessary stress and pressure to your plate.

Say Goodbye to Stress

Have You Experienced Any of These Common Problems That Many Business Owners Face With Your Own Website?

Slow page load speeds that create a poor experience for your website visitors

Web pages that crash unexpectedly and leave you in the lurch

Content uploads and updates that waste hours of valuable time each week

Slow-response times from unreliable  freelancers and developers

Low-converting and underperforming pages that don’t deliver the results you need

Security fears knowing you’re vulnerable to hackers and malware attacks

If this sounds all too familiar, you’re not alone. And sadly, many entrepreneurs and business owners struggle to find the help they need, and end up spending their own valuable time, energy and money attempting to manage their website in-house.

Get Unlimited Support Now
We Believe

At TunedWP, We Believe Your Time is Best Spent Growing Your Business and Playing to Your Strengths…

Not Fixing Security Breaches, Dealing With Unreliable Freelancers, and Uploading Your own Website Content

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, and you’re ready to take your business to the next-level and start getting the results you deserve, our team at TunedWP can help.

Through our Ongoing Support Plan, you’ll always have someone you can rely on to keep your website performing it’s best. Whether it’s optimizing the areas you know could be improved, keeping your content up to date, or swooping in when something breaks or gets in your way, we’re here to help.

With a strong, high-performing website, you can keep your business moving forward, and make more from your marketing dollar.

We’ll Take the Heavy-Lifting off Your Shoulders in Managing, Updating and Optimizing Your Website… so you Don’t Have to.

Turn your website into your business’ greatest sales driver with our hands-on, signature service for business owners and entrepreneurs online. Here’s what you’ll have ongoing access to inside this package…

Unlimited Changes
Unlimited Changes
Unlimited Minor Wordpress Changes
From page updates, to new content uploads, to minor fixes and improvements, we’ll be on-call to keep your website up to date. You’ll never wait more than 1 hour for a response from our expert team of development ninjas, who have taken the time to understand your website and business intimately.
Unlimited minor change requests for your website content and design
Less than 1 hour response times and prioritization of urgent tasks
2 Development Ninjas dedicated to knowing your website intimately
Website Performance
Website Performance
Website Performance Optimization
Receive regular website performance audits and expert advice to help you make more from your marketing dollar, and turn more website visitors into loyal customers. Using our proven performance blueprint, we’ll provide tailored, comprehensive suggestions to improve your website speed, SEO, mobile experience, security, strategy, design and more.
Regular tune-up audits to keep your website performing it’s best
Expert advice for your business, focused on increasing your profit
Monthly speed optimization to boost SEO and conversions
Security Checks
Security Checks
Monthly Wordpress Security Checks
Reclaim hours of time every month by leaving the security management of your website up to our expert team. While you stay focused on your business, we’ll take the time to check your website, run security scans, backups, update software, fix any bugs, and prepare you a detailed report. Plus, be fully assured knowing that our 3-layer backup system can quickly restore your website if the worst ever happens.
Robust security systems and regular malware scans for total safety
Manual website checks performed by Wordpress Experts
3-Layer backup systems stored in separate locations
Cloud Hosting
Cloud Hosting
Premium Wordpress Cloud Hosting (Optional)
We’ll take care of the set-up and management of your website hosting, using the fastest cloud hosting system on the planet. Experience total confidence that your website is as safe and fast as possible. Designed specifically for simple, front-end web pages, you’ll never pay for storage and systems your business doesn’t require. With superior caching, lightning fast DNS and CDN, SSL security and DDoS protection, you can feel confident your content and website is secure and protected.
Perfect for most front-end business websites online. Dedicated Servers Available
Lightning fast DNS network, caching and CDN
Cutting-edge secure cloud hosting & global data centres

Our Risk-Free, Hands-on Service sets us Apart, and Ensures You’re Getting the Best Results for Your Business

Why Choose TunedWP to Level-up Your Website?

Contract-free subscriptions with a 100% satisfaction guarantee…

So you can cancel anytime if you no longer require support with your website

Free migrations both on and off our recommended hosting...

So you can ensure it is the right fit for your business right now

At least 2 Wordpress experts dedicated to your website...

So you can always access someone who understands your business intimately

24/7 access to multi-skilled team members...

So your business can benefit from over 10+ years of digital marketing experience
And most importantly, you’ll have freedom to stay focused on what you do best, with the confidence that we are in your corner keeping your website tuned for success.
I’m in! Get Unlimited Support Now

Choose the Right Plan for Your Business...

Velocity Support

Wordpress Cloud Hosting

Monthly Security Management

Unlimited Minor Website Tasks

Annual Performance Review

Monthly Speed Optimization

Priority Response Support

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Security Management

Wordpress Cloud Hosting

Monthly Security Management

All Website Tasks Quoted

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Does your website just need a SPEED BOOST?

Faster Websites Have A Better User Experience, 
Better Google Rankings And Lower Ad Cost.

Testing in a staging environment
Caching & CDN testing and optimisation
Image optimisation and site tweaks
Implement best results on your live site
Typically 90+ Mobile Speed Score
Testing Report
Get Started Now
(discount available for existing clients)
All prices in USD.

We’ve Helped Hundreds of Businesses Optimize Their Business for Success…

“We have found the hosting and support service by TunedWP to be absolutely fantastic for our business. It is so helpful to have someone looking at our website in the background and constantly keeping it updated and secure, without us having to think about it. And we really value the support for small changes. Just a great service”
Joanna Oakey

Joanna Oakey
Aspect Legal, AUS

“From the first moment, this team have proven to be responsive, helpful and extremely reliable.

I no longer have to hassle with keeping my website up to date, posting and formatting blogs, or posting to social media. They take care of all it for me. The investment in the Epic Support is well worth it. I highly recommend them”

Erik Anderton

Eric Anderton
EricAnderton.com, USA

“You guys are super responsive, you communicate well and I only need to ask and stuff gets done - Immediately. Also, the quality of work is incredible.”
Chris Humphrey

Chris Humphrey
Easy Truck Removals and Storage, UAE

“I've learned from getting myself in trouble with WordPress and now if I have a problem or want some changes made, I go right to the team at TunedWP. They are quick to communicate and efficient at any task I give them. If you have anything WordPress related that needs attention, look no further than TunedWP. They've got you covered!”
Dave Newgass

Dave Newgass
Wise Global Training Ltd., UK

Are You Ready to Take the Hassle of Managing Your Website off Your Plate, so you can get Back to What Matters Most?

Access Unlimited Support now on our signature plan, and experience total peace of mind knowing you always have someone to turn to when you need it most. We’ll ensure your website is performing it’s best, so you can reclaim time, reduce stress, and get back to doing what you do best in growing your business.

Get Unlimited Support Now
Managed Off

Frequently Asked Questions

What does unlimited minor tasks include?
Minor website tasks are any *Group of Tasks* requested that will take 1 hour or less to complete.

This can include updating small sections of your website, adding content you've supplied (pages, products, blog posts, images etc), re-styling a section of your website, fixing small issues, etc.

Anything that goes over 1 hour will need to be quoted in advance.
What does 1 hour max response time mean?
Our support team are monitoring the support desk 24 hours a day Monday to Friday. And we will reply to any request or question within an hour. Plus we give higher priority to any Urgent issues that might be affecting your business.
What About Weekends?
While we don’t currently have a 1 hour response time on weekends, we do keep an eye on the emails incase you have an urgent issue. If so we’ll jump on it quickly and help you out as soon as we can. But anything non-urgent will have to wait until Monday.
Affiliates and Resellers
We have both an affiliate and a white-label reseller program. You can choose which one suits you best. But basically we have a margin built in to market and grow our business. We are happy to give that to you for sending clients to us directly.
Why is your Cloud Hosting better?
Our hosting network includes data centers in Sydney, London, 8 US major cities and others in Europe and Asia, so you can choose a location closest to the bulk of your customers. Plus, the superior caching and CDN technology keeps copies of your website files in data centers all over the world, making your website load fast from anywhere around the globe.
What is the DNS Hosting?
We will setup Cloudflare DNS hosting for you (or use your existing account). This has a number of benefits; it makes changing servers a faster and smoother process, it provides an extra layer of security by hiding the location of your server from the public and DDoS attacks, it also helps to speed up your website.

DNS hosting holds the information about which server your domain is pointed to. But Cloudflare is also a CDN, meaning it hosts a cached version of your website as close as possible to your visitors, so they can view your website super fast.
What does 3 Layers of backups mean?
We run daily server side backups which are stored remotely and kept for 8 days. We also run weekly database backups stored in Google servers, and monthly full wordpress backups stored in Amazon servers. So we have a fall-back in case something goes wrong, but we also manually run and check a backup as part of our monthly maintenance.
What is included in Maintenance checks?
Updating plugins, themes and WordPress files are part of the monthly maintenance. And on some rare occasions that updating any of these breaks the site, we will fix those as well with no added charge. We also do a manual check over your websites main pages to make sure they are displaying properly, before and after the check. We run a security scan, a performance scan, we run a manual backup and we check a few other things to make sure your website is performing well. Then we send you a report after we have finished.
What is included in the Monthly Speed Optimisation?
This includes 1 hour of speed improvement work per month from our speed expert.
We aim to make improvements to your page load speed, however some months it may only be a modest improvement.
We will send a before/after report each month.
What does Priority Response Support mean?
We aim to respond quickly to all requests, especially urgent issues that affect your business.
However, occasionally we get overloaded and need to prioritise the tasks on our plate.
As a Velocity Support client, your emails and tasks will always get top priority.
What is the Performance Audit?
We evaluate 36+ elements of your website that affect it's performance in the key areas from our performance Blueprint: Speed, SEO, Mobile Experience, Security, Lead Generation, Trust, Design & Asset building.
Can I get Speed Optimisation on any other package?
Included in the Velocity Support is monthly speed optimisation. But we can also offer this service separately if you just need it every few months. First, we will run a speed audit of your website and then we will outline our suggestions for improvement and provide a quote for your approval.

If you are on the Velocity Support package, we don’t need to quote, we just go ahead and do what is required every month.
Can I call you guys up?

We don’t offer phone support, so if you have an urgent concern, your best option is to email us. We’ll reply quickly.

But if you want to talk to someone about your situation and your needs, you can book in a time here for a video call with our director

Is there a contract period?
No, we don’t believe in lock-in contract periods, we work on a month by month basis, confident in the fact that we provide enough value to your business that you won’t want to cancel. But if for some reason you do, you can cancel at any stage, and we will even help you migrate away to another service.

But you can ask us about discounted annual plans if you prefer to pay annually.
Do you manage my Domain?
No, we believe that such an important asset as your domain name should be entirely registered in your name and held in an account that you have full ownership and control over. You can simply give us access to your account for us to set up your website on our service.
What does 2 Ninjas intimate with your site mean?
We make sure that at least 2 of the highly skilled ninjas in our team are familiar with your website, incase the one who usually works on your site gets sick or something. And as further backup, we have the history of all your requests and our internal discussions about your website documented and never archived, so that anyone can jump in and help.
Do you outsource?
No, we do not outsource our core service of WordPress Development and Support. All of our developers and support staff are 100% hired full-time, in-house. There are a few auxiliary services that we get asked for that we occasionally outsource.