When Did You Last Review Your Wordpress Security? Check It Today.

Hey folks, let's chat about something that’s just as essential as your morning coffee—WordPress website security. Now, before you start yawning, know that this is about as one-and-done as your laundry. Yep, it’s ongoing.

Ongoing Vigilance: A Must-Do, Not a One-Off

If you think you can set up security protocols once and then forget about 'em, you're in for a nasty surprise. Much like tuning your car, your website security needs regular checkups and maintenance. We handle this stuff monthly for our clients, but even if you're a DIYer, put it in your calendar—every single month.

Annual Security Audit: No Excuses

Along with those monthly check-ins, you should be conducting an annual audit. We're talking about a thorough look under the hood. Are all your security measures up to snuff with best practices? Old passwords hanging around like last year's leftovers? Time to clean house. Resetting passwords, especially for admin users, isn't just a suggestion; it’s a requirement.

Admin Users: Keep Only the VIPs

Still got an admin account for that intern who left six months ago? Yikes! Trim the fat and make sure that only the essential people have admin access. Remove any admin users that don’t still need to be aable to access the website, and reset the passwords ont he ones that stay.

Need Help? We Got You

Sure, you can tackle all of this yourself, but if you're as busy as we think you are, why not let someone else handle it? Hit us up for WordPress Security hardening HERE and if you need your monthly security checks done for you, check out our support plans.