How To Keep Your Wordpress Website Secure

First up, the way your website has been built will impact how secure it is. So hopefully your WordPress website has strong security when it was built for you!

Your website should have security features like:

But nothing is 100% secure, and strong WordPress Security doesn’t end when your developer takes the website live. It is an ongoing process.

WordPress’ greatest strength is also it’s biggest weakness

All websites are prone to hacking, not just WordPress. But hackers target it because it powers hundreds of millions of websites all over the world—it is so popular.

But aside from its popularity, WordPress is also completely open-source which is great because it has a big community of developers, making it incredibly flexible and customisable and mostly security flaws get patched really quickly.

Being open-source also makes it more prone to threats because it is easier to find and exploit vulnerabilities when they occur as the software changes.

What you can do to keep your Wordpres website secure?

WordPress is not invincible, but there are many ways you can do to defend it from malware and other threats.

  • Stop using admin as your username. Use strong passwords to make it harder to crack.
  • Consider two-factor authentication to add a layer of extra protection to your website.
  • Choose only quality hosting providers, go for cloud hosting and avoid cheap shared hosting environments on older cPanel setups.
  • Keep WordPress up to date with the latest version
  • Keep your Theme and plugins up to date as well, these should be updated monthly at least, and security updates or vulnerability patches should be installed immediately.
  • Scan the site regularly for malware and vulnerabilities
  • Maintain regular backups in 2-3 different places so you can quickly restore the site if something goes wrong. (sometimes software updates can cause display issues)

You should have a reliable WordPress Support team completing these tasks for you on a regular basis.

It is also important to know that you can contact the Support team 24/7 and get a quick response to handle any security threat or fix any issues that occur on your website.

Because website issues like this can cost you sales and damage your brand reputation in the eyes of potential clients.

If you need help with this, sign up to one of our Support Plans now, all of them include Security Management. We’ll make sure your website stays secure.