Using Social Links On Your Website

We see this on websites a lot:

Social profile links placed at the very top of the page, often right beside the main call-to-action.

Social media is a very important part of anyone’s marketing strategy and must be harnessed and maximized, true. However, the header is not the best place to put it.

Why putting social links on the header is a bad move

You want users to engage with your business by clicking on your call-to-action. After all, it is the purpose of all websites.

But if you put something else near your CTA, you are tempting users to move away from your site to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. And it is highly likely that these people will get distracted by other things they might see there and forget about going back to your site.

What you want is to bring traffic to your website, not the other way around.

Where is the best place to put social links?

Does it mean you should scrap using social media links altogether? Of course not. It is worth putting them on your site so people can follow you if they want.

But it is best to put your social media links on your footer at the bottom of your page.

Don’t worry. It is common for social media links to be there. So if people do really want to find your social media accounts, they would know where to go.

The other thing you should consider is to have social sharing.

A well-placed social sharing link makes your content easier to share, increases your reach even more and gives you the chance to boost your social media impact. Make sure to put them in the content you are publishing so people can re-share your content or recommend your product.