Lessons From Our New Design

We live and learn. Even after being in the business for almost a decade, there are still many things we are discovering along the way. Here are some things I have recently found with the launch of our new website design.

Install Hotjar On Your Website

If you want to improve your design, it’s important to have some insights on how users interact with your website. Hotjar will give you just that.

It will show you where people are clicking the most. You will also be able to see real time recordings of where users scroll to, where their mouse moves around and what they click on.

So we highly recommend you install Hotjar on your website. Install it in Tag Manager so it won’t add too many extra scripts and slow down your page load speed.

Testimonials Are Valuable To Users

We have found that users spend a lot of time on the testimonials section. They were clicking through our testimonial scroller, reading through what our previous clients have to say about us and our work.

This just proves that testimonials are really valuable.

Ask Your Customers For A Testimonial

If you don’t have a testimonials section, consider adding it. If you don’t have any testimonials to share, ask your customers for one. Reach out to your past or existing clients and ask them if they would be happy to make a testimonial for you to share. You’ll be surprised with the results.