Is something holding you back?

When I first talked with Patrik about his website he was stressed out, I could feel it.

He was at the end of his tether, he was fed up. “Something has to change” he stressed.

He was ready to throw in the towel. He had been putting in so much work. He was doing all the right things to bring customers to his website;

Every week, for over a year, he had been publishing 2 video blog posts, each providing helpful advice to his audience. These are people going through a very difficult time in their lives. He was providing real solutions.

He helps people through the challenge of having a loved one in intensive care.

His efforts were getting him ranked high in Google globally. Thousands of people were visiting his website.

But no-one was buying. 

His phone wasn’t ringing.

So I jumped on a video call with him and we did an audit of his website.

It was bad.

I could see why no-one contacted him. It loaded really slow and it looked like an old spam website, it had pop-ups and errors. I was worried that my computer might catch a disease just from looking at it.

I did not trust it one bit.

So with the help of a talented designer, we gave the website a facelift. We rebuilt the website from the ground up. Only keeping the valuable content he had created over the past year or more.

We made the following improvements to his website:

  • Fixed up a number of SEO issues.
  • Sped up the Page Load Speed of his website.
  • Improved the Mobile version of his website for a better mobile experience.
  • Removed the clutter in his design to give the site a Clear Message and great first impression.
  • Built Trust elements into his website design.
  • Improved his Call To Actions (CTA's) to stand out and be more appealing.
  • Improved the look of his Blog posts to encourage people to consume his great content.
  • Improved his Security with updated plugins and theme, set up SSL and removed errors.

Next, we set up a process to make it easy for him to produce content.

So he only has to create the initial video and send it to us. We handle publishing and promoting for him.

The results were immediate and very obvious, so he sent me a video.

His phone kept ringing more and more, he started making more sales from his website, capturing more leads and his site was getting more and more traffic from Google because we'd fixed issues that were holding back his results.

Improving the performance of his website has allowed him to improve the quality of life for thousands of patients and families of people in intensive care.

I caught up with Patrik again recently. A few years since we made the change.

He still seemed a bit stressed, he couldn’t stay for long.

But now his problems were how to find enough great nursing staff to meet demand.

How to expand his nursing business into other states in Australia. And also into the USA to meet the growing demand he now has!

“It is a great problem to have!” He said with a smile.

If you feel your website could be getting better results, I am happy to do a performance review of your website and help you unlock its potential.

Here is his video testimonial.

(My business has re-branded since we started working with him.)