How We Optimise Your Site For Conversions

I’ll explain a little bit about conversions, why they are important to you and how we implement these on all of our websites.

Conversions means a person turning from a prospect into a customer.

Encourage Conversions With Clear CTAs

What we do is make sure the website is optimized for conversions by adding clear Call-To-Actions on the feature area of the Home page, in the header, down in the footer and wherever we feel is relevant to the design.

Trust is also a very important element when selling online. To build trust with the customer, we add sections with authority logos, testimonials, case studies and other similar things to the website design.

It’s Not Just About How The Website Looks, It’s About How It Works.

But we don’t just focus on the literal design of the pages. We also make sure there's a clear flow to how the pages are arranged. A design guided by a logical user flow will help convert prospects into buyers more quickly. For this, we follow a few proven design techniques and layouts.

We also make sure we can generate leads, capture details or integrate with CRMs. So we include hooking up contact forms, quizzes, quote forms, application forms and connecting shopping carts to your CRM or email software in the build of the website.

Stay In Touch With Interested Prospects

Another thing we do is install a remarketing code onto the pages of the website. This allows you to remarket to customers who didn’t purchase straight away. We can also install analytics and heat tracking codes and scripts into the site.

Have you clearly defined what the goal of your website is? If you have, we’ll make sure the design will help you achieve it.