How We Optimise Your Page Load Speed

Why is speed important? How are we going to implement a fast page speed for your website?

Visitors abandon sites that are slow to load. It doesn’t matter how good your content is if users leave even before they have a chance to see it. Page optimization is crucial in reducing bounce rates.

Writing Efficient Code

The first element for a faster speed is having clean, stable code. A bloated, poorly-written code negatively affects page load time.

We remove unnecessary scripts, strip out tracking codes and put them in Tag Manager so the whole site renders more quickly.

Deleting Plugins You Don’t Need

We also have a very careful selection of all the plugins we use. Unnecessary plugins clutter your database and cause issues with your page load speed. By removing deactivated plugins, the database is kept clean and communication with the website and server becomes a lot faster.

We also optimize all the images used on your website. We make sure any future images you add gets automatically optimized as well.

Server Location Matters

On our hosting, we use several layers of caching at the server level and also in Content Delivery Network. These ensure your website is calibrated to load as quickly as possible.

All the websites we look after are on the fastest hosting possible. We select the data center closest to where the largest part of your market is. We use super fast hosting platforms and make sure there are plenty of resources for your website to load as fast as possible.