How Can You Keep WordPress Secure?

Has your website been built in a way that will reduce the chance of any issues coming up? If it has, good. Pair it with regular website maintenance and you wouldn’t have many problems at all.

Why WordPress is prone to hacking

All websites are prone to hacking, not just WordPress. But hackers target it because it powers hundreds of millions of websites all over the world—it is so popular.

But aside from its popularity, WordPress is also completely open-source which is great because security flaws get patched really quickly; it has a big community of developers. But being open-source also makes it more prone to threats especially if:

  • You are using weak passwords to your wp-config.php file, admin, FTP and other key accounts.
  • You haven’t added any layer of authentication or security to your accounts.
  • Your web hosting is not secure.
  • You are not keeping your plugins up-to-date.
  • You are not keeping your themes up-to-date.
  • You are not updating your WordPress to the latest version.
  • Your file permissions are incorrect.

What you can do to keep your website secure

WordPress is not invincible, but there are many ways you can do to defend it from malware and other threats.

  • Stop using admin as your username. Use strong passwords as recommended here to make it harder to crack.
  • Add a two-factor authentication to add a layer of extra protection to your website.
  • Choose only the best web hosting provider. Stay away from shared hosting to avoid cross website contamination.
  • Outdated plugins and themes can make your site vulnerable so make sure to keep it updated. There’s a chance though, that some bits of the plugins and themes haven’t been coded to work well together. This can break your site. Make sure to check with your developer about that.
  • Update your WordPress to the latest version.
  • Double-check your file permissions so you won’t inadvertently give hackers access to it.
  • Use an SSL Certificate to protect your data.
  • Regularly back-up your site to prevent loss of data in case of unfortunate/unforeseen events.

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