Google Views Your Website As A Mobile User When Indexing

The trend has shifted. Before, people predominantly used desktops to access the internet. Now, they are mostly using their mobile phones. This change in user behavior made Google put more effort in making the web more mobile-friendly.

What is mobile-first indexing?

So now, when Google indexes your web pages, the mobile version of your site becomes it primary version or starting point.

It will crawl your site as a mobile user and use it as a baseline to evaluate how good your site is and how relevant your content is to certain keywords.

What if my website isn’t mobile-friendly?

Although your website can still be indexed, it might not rank as well if your site is mobile-responsive. If you don’t want it to negatively affect your rankings, make sure that you do these:

  • Check your mobile page speed (load time) and make sure it is fast.
  • Images are optimized for mobile.
  • Your videos and other media are optimized for mobile.
  • The design adjusts to the size of the screen where it’s going to be viewed.
  • The fonts are still readable even when viewed in a small screen and your text are formatted properly.

How to test if your site is mobile-friendly

To know how your website is performing on mobile, go to It will tell if your site has no loading issues and is providing a good mobile experience to users.

Don’t lose your ranking and potential clients because of an unresponsive site. If you come across any issues, feel free to reach out to us, [email protected]. We will assess your website and give you any recommendations if you do need some things fixed up for your mobile experience.