Are You Making Navigation Easy On Your Website?

Here are a few tips on how you can make website navigation easy for users.

Experiment With Different Hover Styles

Hovering is when you put your mouse over a button, image or a navigation item. Once you do, it changes the way it looks. Either it changes colors or it has a small animation.

The right hover treatment helps provide visual feedback to users. It’s like the interface is communicating with the user, telling him that the control does something.

It’s important to take a look at your site, navigate through it and check if the buttons are obviously clickable to go through to the next step or navigate to another page.

Make Your Call-To-Action Stand Out

Aside from helping provide a user-friendly experience and making navigating through the site easier, it is also important to make your Call-To-Actions really stand out.

Grab attention by:

  • Using buttons
  • Using exit pop-ups
  • Using bright and contrasting colors
  • Strategic positioning

A prominent, well-designed CTA will help increase user engagement and compel them to click where you want them to.