Improve Your Website Sales Copy With Benefit Bullets

A lot of business owners fall into the trap of just listing the features of what is included in their service, or the features of their product.

The benefit that each feature provides can seem obvious, and not worth mentioning.

It is also easy to not list features of your service which seem like an obvious inclusion because everyone does that thing right?

Like a hair conditioner mentioning certain ingredients to give your hair a ‘healthy shine’. All conditioners should give your hair a healthy shine. It is the main reason people buy it.

By listing out these features and benefits of your service, even the obvious ones, you build the perceived value and re-enforce the reasons why customers should buy it when they are at the point of deciding.

If people are comparing your offer to a very similar one, but yours lists these features and benefits not mentioned on the other website. It makes your offer seem more valuable, even if the other offer may include these same things.

Short, Punchy Benefit Bullets Are More Effective

Benefit bullets are an especially powerful website design element because people are often distracted and impatient when reading a web page.

You need to make it easy to skim and get the message across.

Trim them to the fewest words possible, removing non-essential words.

And then Bold The Important Words so they stand out when people skim the page.

You should have these benefit bullets listed on your sales page or product page and if you are just selling 1 product at a time, list them on the shopping cart too!

How To Create Your Benefit Bullets

Start by getting a whiteboard or piece of paper, whatever works best for brainstorming and list down ALL of the features of your product or service.

Imagine you are listing this out for an alien, a child or a man who’s been in a coma for 30 years and has no idea what should be expected.

You don’t have to use all of these, but it is worth going through the exercise of listing them all out.

Then for each one, explain simply WHY that feature exists. What does it do for the customer? What benefit does it provide when you use it.

  • Contains Himalayan goji berries to Lock In Hair Colour & protect from damage

Then you want to trim them down, remove unnecessary words and pick the best ones to use on the website.

Small tweaks like this can increase the sales conversion rates of your pages and make your website more profitable, especially if you are spending money on ads to get visitors.

If you want to learn more performance improvement tweaks like this, check out this free course - 5 Fundamentals of a High-Performance Website