Improve Website Conversions by Attracting Your Core Target Market

It’s very common for businesses to fall into the trap of trying to appeal to too many different people. There is so much opportunity out there, there are so many people who could benefit from what you offer, and you don’t want to miss out on those extra sales!

All these different nail shaped problems and here you are with the worlds best hammer.

Instead of trying to appeal to everyone, it's important to identify your ideal clients - the ones who you will be happy to serve all day, everyday. The kinds of clients that you want 100s more of.

These ideal clients are the ones who get the most value out of your services, and therefore are usually the ones that you also get the most benefit out of serving, they are appreciative and happy to pay for the solution you provide.

Improve the QUALITY of your Website Conversions

Once you have identified your target market, you can focus on them with all the images and text on your website. Talk directly to them and make sure that everything is relevant to them and their needs, designed to help them convert into leads and clients. Then you avoid being too general and not appealing to anyone because you are trying to talk to everyone.

But don’t stress about turning away the rest of the people who could buy what you offer. Just because you are not super relevant to them, some of them will still want to buy what you have. You might lose a few, but that is not as bad as losing those ideal clients.

Need help attracting the right people with your website?

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