How To Improve Website Conversions by Segmenting Your Audience

Most businesses have a range of services, variations of their products or services which serve clients at different stages of their journey, or customers with different levels of need.

The tricky part is to get the right message across that lets them all know they are in the right place, you can turn people off if you are talking about a solution that is too much, or not enough for what they need.

Understanding Customer Needs: It's Personal

We've all been there: lost on a website, clicking around, trying to find what we're after. Avoid putting your customers into that situation. Make it as easy as possible to get them to the right place.

The first part of this is understanding who your different customer segments are. The best way to do this is to survey your audience. Group the ones that need similar solutions and create pages and offers that are specific to those people. Be careful not to create too many segments, simplify it down to the main ones.

Design a "chooser section" on your homepage. It's like saying, "Oh, that's me!" and takes them right where they need to go. You’ll have a much higher conversion rate if your customer feels like they are in the right place.

Speak Directly to Them: Be Relevant

Once you’ve got them in the right spot, talk to them like a friend. Use language and imagery that resonates with their needs. Be hyper-relevant, so they know that you truly understand them and their problems.

Offer Tailored Solutions: Match Their Needs

Don't bombard them with irrelevant products. Identify where they're at and offer the solution that's best suited to them. It's all about making the experience smooth and simple.

Segmentation: One Size Doesn't Fit All

If you have a customer segment that has a very unique need or is quite different to the others and unlikely to ever cross over to any of your other products or services, then would be good to consider a completely separate website for those customers so they are not turned off by the rest of your offers.

Keep It Together: A Unified Approach

But if your customer might need various levels of service at different stages over time, it's beneficial to keep everything on one site so that they understand the option is there when they are ready. Guide them around, help them find what they need, and build trust along the way.

Be Their Trusted Guide

The goal here is to become a trusted guide, not just a seller. Understand their journey, speak their language, and provide solutions that resonate. It's a recipe for success that keeps customers coming back.

If you're looking for help in implementing these strategies, consider having a strategy session with me to dive deep into who your core target market is and how to adjust your website to appeal directly to them. Or grab an audit from and we’ll assess how you can improve. Cheers to making your website a place where customers feel understood!