Stop Tinkering. Get Unlimited WordPress Support.

Stop Tinkering. Get Unlimited WordPress Support.

Every business needs a website, that’s for sure. But one thing you have to know is the work doesn’t end after you have built and launched your site.

We have seen a number of great websites that soon turn “obsolete” or have gone stale because they have been neglected after going live.

What you should do to maintain your website

  • Regularly publish content.
    You should keep your site up-to-date with fresh content and you should do it on a regular basis. This is how visitors know they can come back to your site for something new to read or see.
  • Make sure your CMS is running on the latest version.
    Hackers will always try to find a way to get into websites. This is why providers also work continuously to add new security features. To keep your site secure, always update your CMS with the latest version.
  • Update your plugins.
    Aside from your CMS, you should also keep your plugins up-to-date. This will help your website function properly.
  • Find and fix broken links.
    Links “go bad” when a page is deleted, becomes unavailable or has been moved. Broken links gives users a bad customer experience. It frustrates them if they can’t quickly find what they’re looking for. It could give your site a bad reputation. Most importantly, it can also hurt your conversion and ranking.
  • Regularly check your site’s load speed
    Images, videos and content that have not been optimized and uploaded to the website can affect your site’s load speed. And we all know what happens to slow-loading sites—they get abandoned by users.

Focus on your business, not on how to maintain your site

While it’s okay to publish your own blog post and fix things up a bit at the backend of the site, you can quickly get out of your depth when you run into technical issues.

So you end up using your time trying to figure out what went wrong, what you broke and how you can fix it instead of actually running your business.

To avoid hassles like this, it’s better to pass the work to experts who can do those things for you. If you think you are spending too much time fiddling around with your own website, check out our support plans at and we’ll look after your website for you.