How Website Performance Can Boost a Growing Online Business

How Website Performance Can Boost a Growing Online Business

Stephani Roberts from the Audacious Mamas podcast interviewed me recently to share some tips for people growing their own online business from home. Especially for those juggling family and a growing business. We talked a little about my business journey and how I developed our services to help people in exactly that situation.

Why Mobile Experience is so critical and how you can improve it on your website.

We discussed how important mobile experience and load speed is these days, with Google putting more and more emphasis on both and penalising websites that have a bad user experience and slow speeds. I shared a few tips to help improve the mobile experience on your website. 

When is it time to level up your website?

We also talked about the common occurrence for new, growing businesses to start simple and then add bits and pieces to the website and your business grows and evolves. Because Growing a business is something that almost never happens in a straight line!

Quite often we come across websites that have been cobbled together by various developers and VA’s (and the business owner sometimes) with many different plugins and layouts. 

While this is natural for a start-up business, it often causes security issues, slow page speed and sometimes display/design issues that may go unnoticed for some time.

So it is important to check your website fairly regularly as if you are one of your customers so that you understand their experience on your website, especially on mobile devices.

Alternatively, you can request a performance review from us and we’ll provide you with a range of recommendations to improve the results you are getting from your website.

Why you should consider using 10xPro instead of WordPress for your membership website.

Another thing we covered was why we don’t recommend using WordPress for Membership websites for our clients, we have switched to using 10xPro for membership websites over the past few years and it is getting great results for a number of our clients.

Aside from it being easier to build and manage, as well as packed full of features to grow your business, 10xPro can end up cheaper than building a custom membership on WordPress.

If you want our help to set up a 10xPro membership, you can check out our service over at