Here’s Why You Should Care About Your Mobile Page Speed Score

Have you tried checking your score at Google Page Speed Insights?

If you have, you will notice your desktop score is probably about the same as before. But there’s a good chance your mobile speed score has gone down quite a bit.

To rank, your site has to be fast on mobile.

Google wants mobile users to be given a good experience when they visit sites on their mobile devices. To do this, they have changed the way they score the mobile speed of websites.

Since July last year, Google has put more weight on page speed and responsiveness as a ranking factor for mobile searches.

So if you want people to find you in Google from their mobile phones, then you want to make sure your site is fast and that you’re meeting the criteria of their new page speed score.

More and more people use mobile devices to find websites.

There are currently 4.68 billion mobile phone users worldwide. And it’s expected to continue to go up in the coming years.

Numerous studies have shown that mobile devices are the first and last things people look at every single day.

Now, this is important to you because a significant percentage of your traffic will be coming from mobile devices. Imagine the market you will lose if you don’t put importance on how your site performs on mobile devices.

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