Improve Mobile User Experience With A Back To Top Button

Mobile user experience has become more important than the desktop website experience for most businesses, yet so many people still do a really bad job of it.

Even if your website is set up pretty well for mobile, small teaks and improvements can make a huge difference, especially compounded over time.

The most common problems that come up for the mobile experience is speed and navigating around the website.

We always recommend using a sticky header for the navigation between the pages. But because your pages often become quite long on mobile, especially articles, navigating around the page can also require a lot of scrolling.

Using a scroll to top button makes it easier and nicer to use your website.

Ultimately, if people have a good experience on your website, they are more likely to come back and more likely to buy from you.

This is particularly important if you have a long sales cycle or are doing content marketing as people might visit your website several times before they eventually buy from you.

If you have long articles on your website I would definitely recommend using a back to top button and also consider adding a table of contents to the top of the page.

When should you NOT use a back to top button?

If your pages are fairly short throughout your website, then it might be unnecessary to add the extra button to the screen. And removing unnecessary clutter is always a good idea.

If you already have a few other sticky elements at the bottom of the screen on your website (live chat, privacy notice, reviews badge etc) Then cluttering it further with a back to top button might be too much.

Also if you do have other elements at the bottom of the screen, make sure that they are not overlapping and covering each other, this can create a very frustrating user experience and turn people off your website.

You might also consider only adding a back to top button on certain longer pages on the site, rather then the whole thing.

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