Get up to 10% Increase in Conversions with Social Proof Popups

At the basic level, we are simple pack animals.

Humans survived and thrived for 120,000+ years by working together in tribes, learning from each other and copying each other.

It’s hard-wired into us.

We feel safer doing things that other people have done.

That’s how you avoid the poison berries and catch the best food.

This is Why Social Proof is such a Powerful Selling Tool.

When you prove that other people have purchased your service or product (and survived) it makes people more comfortable giving it a shot.

This is why testimonials and reviews are powerful, and they are most effective when they are genuine and believable.

It is best if you can get a video, or show a profile photo to prove it is a real person.

Using verified or trusted review platforms is another great way to prove that real people are enjoying what you are selling.

These forms of ‘social proof’ should be sprinkled throughout your website (not just hidden on a testimonials page). And the best ones should be highlighted on your key selling and landing pages.

Recent Sales Popups provide ‘real-time’ proof and FOMO

Nightclubs keep a line out the front and most people know to look for the crowded restaurant, because seeing other people buying makes the social proof stronger.

So a notification on your website showing the details of a recent purchase can do the same thing!

Shout Out to one of my Favourite Clients!

I need to credit and thank one of my oldest and favourite clients Scott Baptie from in Scotland. He has given me permission to share his test results here.

He ran a split-test on his landing page. The only difference was one version had a Social Proof Pop-up that looked like this:

He had 988 total visits split over the 2 versions. The version without the social proof had 154 people opt-in for the free meal plan (30.86% conversion rate).

Social Proof Pop-up

The version WITH the social proof widget had 203 opt-ins, a 41.51% conversion rate!

Over 10% more than without it.

Here are the full results:
Social Proof widgets

But will Social Proof widgets work for you?

Now, I want to say a few things before you rush out and expect the same results. These widgets work on actual opt-ins and sales, they are not faked. And so they are going to work best if you do have regular sales/conversion events.

Also, I suspect they work better for product, course and ecommerce sales, where it seems plausible that someone else just bought.

But it may not be as effective for consulting or B2B services where there are less frequent conversions and the most recent sale might be a week ago.

But I have been testing a few options for these pop-ups and found Fomo to be solid solution for WordPress. Contact our support team if you need help implementing these on your website. You can also get 50% off your first month if you sign up HERE. (using my affiliate link)

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P.S. You may have noticed I used a bit of social proof in this article. It’s genuine, nothing faked or fabricated. Do you think it works?