Build Trust On Your Website By Providing Proof

You may have a website, but can users feel there are real humans at work behind it?

People trust websites that have a human touch.

Most people may transact behind a screen, but it doesn’t mean they don’t crave for human engagement.

It’s good for them to feel that behind the “indifference” of the website’s system, there are humans who care about their needs; people they can speak with if needed. People establish relationships with people, not websites and faceless entities. So if you want them to trust you, show them there are real people behind your site.

How to humanize your website

Visual cues are the micro-emotions of websites. They are quickly perceived by the eye so you should utilize them to add a human touch to your site and make it trustworthy.

  • Show your face.

Simply uploading photos of yourself and some of the members of your team goes a long way in making users feel you are real, actual people. It will also help build recognition.

  • Write a strong “About” page.

Add an identity to your site by writing about who you are. How did your business start? What are the obstacles you have overcome? If they know a little bit about your history, they will be able to relate with you more and make you more approachable to their eyes.

  • Reinforce your credibility through testimonials and social proof.

Your social media accounts—especially if you have a decent following—help establish your credibility. It means a lot of people know and trust you, which means it’s easier for new people to trust you, too.

Testimonials help build your reputation as a competitive resource in your industry. Ask previous clients for endorsements or quotes that attest the quality of your work. You can also show the logo of satisfied clients to prove your track record and work history.

Putting a face to the name instantly provides that trust which can help people get over the line in buying your product or service.