Why Should You Implement Security Headers On Your Wordpress Website?

Your WordPress website's security should be taken very seriously. Cyber attacks and malware are only increasing as everyone relies more and more on the internet for their daily lives.

Having your website infected, being the source of and infection or data breach is not just a PR nightmare for your brand, it will cost you many hours and dollars fixing the issue. Prevention is always much cheaper than the cure.

Something overlooked by most website developers and business owners is implementing security headers on your website. The security headers are some data placed at the top of your website while loading. The security headers direct the browser on how to load your website securely for you and for the visitors. It also authenticates your website and informs users about what it can be used for.

The main purpose of Security Headers are blocking infections from spreading either from your website to the browsers of people visiting your website, or from infected users browsers to your website. Preventing attacks such as code injection, cross-site scripting attacks and clickjacking from spreading provides a safer environment for your visitors.

Besides enhancing your security, security headers can also improve your website's SEO by showing Google that your site is trustworthy and safe for visitors. All other things being equal, Google will give preference to website they know are secure.

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We are ready to protect your website and your visitors.