A Good WordPress Backup Strategy is Like An Ogre: it has Layers

G'day folks! Ever thought about what would happen if your website crashed and you lost everything? It's a bit like finding your ute stuck in the mud without a winch – not a great situation. That's why taking backups of your website is not just important; it's essential. Let's dive into why backups matter and how you can set up a robust backup strategy.

Why Website Backups Matter

Website backups are your safety net. If your site crashes or gets hacked, having a recent backup means you can restore everything without breaking a sweat. Without backups, you're looking at a lot of time and money to rebuild from scratch. Imagine having to start all over – not fun, right?

Check Your Backup Status

First things first, check if backups are being taken regularly. It's surprising how many people don't know whether their site is backed up or not. Don’t be one of those people – verify that your site is covered.

The Layered Backup Approach

A solid backup strategy involves multiple layers. Here's what you need:

  1. WordPress Level Backups: These are your day-to-day backups. They capture changes as they happen, ensuring that you don’t lose recent updates.
  2. Server Level Backups: These provide a broader safety net. If something goes wrong with your WordPress backups, you can restore from the server level.
  3. Offsite Full Backups: This is your ultimate safety net. Store a full backup in a completely different location. This way, if both your WordPress and server backups fail, you’ve got a third option to fall back on.

Why Multiple Backups?

You might think that one type of backup is enough. However, having multiple layers of backups protects you against various scenarios. For instance, what if your server crashes completely and you have no offsite backups? This has happened to a client before! Without that third backup option, you could be looking at a major disaster.

Our Backup Strategy

At TunedWP, we take incremental WordPress backups. This means we back up just the changes as they happen, reducing the load on your server. On top of that, we take daily server-level backups and a full backup once a month and store it separately. This layered approach ensures that you’re covered from all angles.

Final Thoughts

Don’t wait for a catastrophe to realize the importance of website backups. Regularly check your backup status and ensure you have multiple layers of backups in place. Remember, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Ready to secure your website with a robust backup plan? Check out our WordPress security plans to keep your site safe and sound. Cheers!