Why You Need To Simplify Your Website

Keeping things simple is a great philosophy to follow not just in life in general, but also for your website. We, in fact, did the same thing.

We took a long, hard look at our own website and removed services and pages that distract people from our core offering.

Why simple is better

A visually complex website design or layout does not really impress people, it only creates confusion. Scientifically, the brain is wired to like things that are simple. The simpler your website is, the better the effect it would have on users.

  • A simple, clean and purposeful website is easy to navigate, paving the way for a great customer experience.
  • Because it is not going to be bugged down by so many unnecessary elements, simple websites load much more quickly, improving the performance of your site.
  • Simple websites are more flexible and are easier to translate into mobile-friendly sites.
  • Complex sites pull the attention of users into too many directions all at once. If that happens, they will likely leave your site because of “decision fatigue”. A simple website should easily direct the attention of your users to the things that matter most—your primary call-to-action.
  • And because you have removed things that might draw their attention away from your CTA, you are more likely to increase your conversion rates.

 How to make your website simpler

It is worth having a look at your website, your main landing pages and sections and ask yourself: if I remove this from here, will it still get the result I want?

  • Remove unnecessary buttons, boxes, side bar and text that do not add to the website’s functionality.
  • Do you really need those sliders and massive galleries? If you don’t, consider removing them.
  • Let your above the fold have only one primary objective. Do not jam it with so many goals. The less choices they have, the easier deciding becomes.

With these in mind, we highly recommend you take a look at your website again. If you want expert eyes to review your website and check how it is performing, get in touch with us today at [email protected].