Use Goals In Analytics To Track Website Performance

We often get asked: how can we measure if anything we do on the site will have any positive effects? Is there any way to track how much of an improvement it’s going to be?

The easiest way to measure this is to set up goals in Google Analytics.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics lets you see how well your website is performing by providing information (dimensions and metrics) on how users find, arrive and use your website.

To be more specific, here are the things that Google Analytics will allow you to see:

  • How many users visited your website.
  • The number of active real-time users and which pages on your site are the most active.
  • It can break down your website traffic according to user age, gender, country or device visitors are using to check out your website.
  • How much time users spend on your website/web page and the total number of ages they viewed.
  • Which page a user enters and exits your site.
  • How many users close your website without interacting with it (bounce rate)
  • If the users came to your site through search engines, social media platforms, links from other websites or if they have directly typed your site’s URL.
  • If a user has bought your product, downloaded a video or subscribed to your newsletter (conversion rate).

What can you do with Google Analytics data?

Now that you know all these information about your users, what are you going to do with them? How can you benefit from all these data?

The ability to measure the performance of your website has huge advantages. You can use it as a guide to plan changes to your site. For instance, if you know you have a lot of visitors who use mobile devices instead of desktops, then you know you should make your site more mobile responsive.

The data will also give you a better idea on where you should invest your money. So for example if you do not have enough organic traffic, then you should concentrate more on Search Engine Optimization.

You can work on optimizing videos/ebooks that do not get more clicks/downloads or create more videos/ebooks similar to those that do get a lot of clicks/downloads. You can customize your products, services, content and pages based on your user demographics.

Most importantly, knowing these metrics on user behavior can help you market wisely and boost your conversion rates.

If you want to know how your website is performing, send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll help you set  up goals in your Google Analytics.