Tune Your Website For Maximum ROI - Superfast Business Podcast

Justin had a chat with James Schramko from Superfast Business about optimizing the performance of your website. We talked about some powerful tips and how tuning up your website can produce MASSIVE results for your business.

There is a Free PDF download of the 8 key areas of the Performance Blueprint, plus the full transcription on the episode page.

Download the Performance Blueprint PDF Here

In the podcast:

01:44 – Crucial points of website performance

05:08 – The all-important trust factor

07:44 – Are you mobile responsive?

09:08 – What caching is and does

11:21 – The challenges of design translation

13:06 – Dealing with updates

15:03 – The tools of site testing

18:41 – A site makeover case study

23:00 – Google then and now

26:58 – Some takeaways to part on

28:24 – Staying in control

There is a bit of a trust barrier that you need to overcome when you’re selling something on the internet

View the full episode notes and listen to the episode HERE