Three Things You Should Work On Your Website To Grow Your Business

A lot of people focus on just their marketing to grow their business. They spend huge amounts of money on SEO campaigns without really taking a look at the very basic part that holds such campaigns together—their website.

Has your website been built to get you the results you want? Over the years, we found that in order to rank and get optimal results for your SEO, you need to fix up your website first.

What are the things you should focus on your website to maximize your desired outcome?

1. Your landing page should load quickly.

A slow load speed will make it really hard to get any results for your SEO. You can drive tons of people to your website and still not make them stay, much less buy your product or service, because your landing page is not loading fast enough.

Studies show users don’t like waiting. Over the years, their attention span is getting shorter and shorter. Any more than five seconds of wait and they are bound to click that “x” or back button to try other faster-loading sites.

A landing page that doesn’t load fast will kill your marketing strategy no matter how brilliant it is.

2. Your website should be mobile-responsive.

Quite often, website owners put a lot of focus on how their site looks and flows on desktop because that’s what most people use to access the internet. But that’s not how it works now.

About 50% of users worldwide now use their mobile phones to visit websites, consume content and shop. This percentage doesn’t even include tablets. If you don’t consider making your site mobile-responsive, you will lose them. And that’s roughly 5.11 billion mobile users!

3. Your homepage should have one clear message.

We have seen a lot of websites cram bits and pieces of information about them, their brand and the things they offer on their homepage.

But by putting it all out there you are not really giving your visitors more options, you are confusing them.  Make sure that your homepage:

  • has one very clear message.
  • is targeted to a specific audience
  • is targeted on a specific problem
  • clearly leads users on what they should do next.

Anything else in there that doesn’t support these is just clutter.

Your website should be optimized not just for SEO but for all these different things. If you need expert eyes to go over your website and check where you can improve its overall performance whether on desktop or on mobile, get in touch with us at [email protected].

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