Should You Use Cloud-Based Caching Systems?

User experience is an important factor in keeping visitors on your website and converting them into paying customers. One of the biggest factors in giving a good user experience is a fast site speed.

Remember that a well performing website is an asset and a bad one is a liability. Site speed strongly affects conversion, SEO, revenue, and user satisfaction, so it should be given a high priority.

Cloud-based caching systems get amazing results, but often create display issues on complex or poorly built websites and should be tested first.

What is a Cloud-Based Caching System?

Cloud-Based Caching Systems replace the need for the plugins and CDN by handling all of the website speed optimisation and delivery in one external system.

It can get the highest speed score results and can be the best solution for larger or more heavily designed websites that are otherwise very hard to optimise.

But they can cause code conflicts, poor loading behaviour, or display issues so they need to be tested on a staging copy and your site may need some adjustment to avoid these issues before it can be implemented live.

A cloud-based caching system is not suitable for all websites. Some will always have too many display issues. In these cases, we recommend going with a caching plugin & CDN which will be more stable, but perhaps not get as high speed results or you might consider rebuilding the website to be cleaner and lighter.

Is a cloud-based caching system right for you?

The best way to find out is to test! We use a copy of your website to implement the caching system to find out if it causes any display issues with the code of your website. If it does cause problems, we can recommend an alternative.

If you want us to recommend the best solution for improving your website's load speed, you can request a Conversion Audit HERE.