How Page Builders Affect your SEO

Choosing a Page Builder is a big strategic decision that could affect the performance of your business website in the long term.

Page Builders give you control over your website and make it easier to edit with a drag and drop interface and premade layouts and design elements.

But in order to do that, they often have a bloated code structure and can add a bunch of unnecessary code to pages that aren’t even using all those features.

This code bloat can slow down the website, which in turn affects your SEO rankings because Google wants to send visitors to websites that load fast, giving people a good user experience and helping them find what they need quickly.

So it is important to make sure you are building your business assets on solid foundations, especially if you are investing in a content marketing or SEO campaign. It might pay to ask the experts early on to make sure it is not going to cost you a lot to change things over later.

Things to consider before hopping into the decision of having a Page Builder are:

  • What is a Page Builder and do you need one on your website?
  • What are the popular page builders in the market?
  • What are the potential problems when using a page builder?
  • How to decide the best page builder for your website?

I chat about these things and more in a recent podcast episode on SEO Leverage with Gert Mallak.