Create Frictionless Website Sales with 'How It Works' Info

Trust is the biggest barrier you need to overcome when selling from a website. I feel like I bang on about that one a lot, but it’s true!

Even if people really want your offer, service or product, they will hesitate if they don’t trust your website or business to provide it.

There are a lot of ways we do this:

To increase sales, make the decision as easy as possible

One way to ease concerns and make the decision frictionless is to make it clear how they will get the result they are after.

You don’t want to feel like the service provider is just flying by the seat of his pants. You want to know that they have a proven process that gets results.

It is a different story with ecommerce and products, as the systems are similar. But it is helpful to know the processing time, how customisations work and expected delivery time. 

Setting expectations also reduces buyers remorse

Setting expectations also reduces buyers remorsePeople get excited when they buy something new. But that can quickly turn sour and get you stuck with some bad reviews if you don’t make it clear what they should expect before they buy.

Even if they love the product, they will mostly remember the frustration of the 3 week wait that they thought would only be 3 days.

This then hurts your business further down the line, with higher turn over, shorter lifetime of customers and less referrals.

Add a ‘How It Works’ or ‘Process’ Section on Key Pages

So think about the key steps that take place between them handing over money and them getting the result that they want.

Try to simplify this down to 3-5 steps and use some icons or images to visually make it easy and quick to understand.

Great places to add this section are on the service or product pages where people are making the buying decision (it is not so useful on a separate page).

It is worth adding the key info to the checkout page to re-enforce it and remove objections in peoples minds.

It is also a good idea to add this kind of information about the delivery process to your FAQ’s page.

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