The Best (And Fastest) Wordpress Anti-Spam Solution

Getting bombarded with spam is a big headache. You put it out there, hoping to generate more leads and – BAM! – you’re hit by bots.

Suddenly, your comments are filled with gibberish and dodgy links, and you’re getting bombarded with spam emails. It’s not only a waste of time and resources, but it also creates a bad impression for visitors to your site.

Help! Spammers are attacking my site

Don’t take it personally – in fact it’s kind of a back-handed compliment – spammers are trying to hitch a ride on your success. The spammer’s end goal is to increase the clickthrough to their own website and improve their search engine ranking.

How can I stop spam?

Don’t panic! Anti-spam filters can drastically reduce the amount of spam on your site. In the past, filters have been pretty annoying though – you know, proving you’re human by deciphering some crazy lettering or finding all the traffic lights…

Not only annoying but slow too, leading to a high bounce rate and lost opportunities. A study by Google revealed that 53% of mobile users abandon sites with more than a 3-second delay.

Best spam protection

At TunedWP we keep up to date on anti-spam solutions for your website. We’re here to help you beat the bots and keep your online customers coming back.

Is CleanTalk better than ReCAPTCHA?

For a while, reCAPTCHA was the best spam protection we could offer. However, the load speed and frustrating image recognition tasks were a big drawback. We also tried Honeypot, which was a lot faster on the page load, but wasn’t as effective in stopping the bots.

We now use and recommend CleanTalk, which operates behind the scenes – invisible to visitors – and provides the best available spam protection. So, there’s no tricky task to fill out and your page loads faster as well.

Update your spam protection

We have now implemented CleanTalk on all our clients’ websites. So check out CleanTalk and get in touch at [email protected] and we can help set it up on your website.