Why We Use Beaver Page Builder For Your Website

There are a number of good page builders out there. Elementor is good, but we think the one that stand out is Beaver Builder.

Why Beaver Builder?

We have worked with a range of different page builders over the years. But we recommend Beaver Builder by default. We choose to use it most of the time because it has some great features you won’t find anywhere else.

  • It doesn’t use short codes to add content.

Before Beaver Builder, page builder plugins use short codes to add content to websites. This isn’t really a problem until you uninstall the page builder plugin. Then, what used to be your content becomes a mess of short codes.

Beaver Builder doesn’t lock your content inside short codes which means even if you change to a different theme or page builder, there is no risk of losing your content.

  • It’s very user-friendly for our clients to edit them.

Beaver Builder has a visual drag-and-drop interface. This functionality makes it super easy for our clients to learn and use. They can edit their site with little effort. And because they are editing the front-end, they can view their edits exactly as they make them.

  • It’s highly customizable.

Beaver Builder is not set in stone—you can customize themes, color scheme, widgets etcetera to give you full control over the different aspects of your website. It also works well with most WordPress themes.

Search engines can easily find the pages you create with Beaver Builder because it utilizes code compression among other good SEO standard practices.

  • Creating great designs within a small budget becomes possible.

You don’t have to create a page from scratch with Beaver Builder. It also has some great features that allow us to reuse sections on other parts of the website and create some great templates.

This means you can have a small budget and still have an awesome website.

Do you want to build or redesign an existing website?

If you want to build a website, redesign the site you currently have or add pages to an existing site, get in touch with us at [email protected] and let’s discuss the details.