When Is It Time To Create A New Website For A Service

It is a dilemma that sometimes comes up for some website owners—should you have two separate websites for your products or services or just one?

More websites, more work.

If you have someone to take care of the day-to-day running of your site, then well and good. But managing a website takes some serious work.

Depending on the content management system framework you’re using, website management is too technical for an untrained individual. It also consumes too much time, not to mention the costs involved. What more if you have two separate websites?

But sometimes, it makes more sense to have a separate website.

If you have a new service or product serving the same people, we recommend keeping them all on one website.

When should you consider creating a separate website?

If your current site is serving more than just one audience, then it’s better to create a separate website for it. That’s because their needs and problems are different so the solution you need to give them is different as well.

You want to tailor your messaging specifically for them so future visitors would also be able to find the site and information that applies to them.

If you need help deciding whether to segment your website, or create a new one book in a quick chat with Justin here - https://tunedwp.com/book