Use Strong Headlines to Increase Conversions

Is your website getting you more clients?

Are visitors buying your products? Are they signing-up for the newsletter, downloading the form, subscribing to your podcast?

If they’re not taking the action you want them to take, you may want to take a second look at your headlines.

Strong headlines can turn visitors into clients

Headlines are super important when it comes to increasing conversions.

It’s the first thing your visitors will read. And for those precious few seconds that they do, you get a chance to nudge them into doing what you want them to do.

Check your headlines not just on the page of your website, but also on the title of your site that will appear in social media and Google search results.

A few quick tips in writing strong headlines

To write good headlines, you have to understand a bit of psychology. Headlines that appeal to emotional and psychological triggers hardwired within us guarantee they would work.

  • Tap into your visitor’s curiosity by asking questions they can relate to or want to know about.
  • When you do offer information, only reveal a little bit in order to fuel their desire to know more.
  • Capture your visitor’s problem and offer a solution.
  • Use a conversational language to evoke a feeling of connection to the reader.
  • Make it clear what the page is about, why they should go there and what they need to do.

A great tool that will help you to optimize your headlines is called Headline Optimizer. It will give you some great suggestions on how you can improve the headline that you’ve got.