Keep Contact Easy On Your Website

We have seen a lot of contact pages that try to look tricky with lots of options to choose from and tabs to click.

Fancy Contact Pages Discourage Contact From Users

But although it looks fancy, contact pages like this just confuse users, if not intimidate them. They might not be able to easily find the information they need. And if contacting you becomes too complicated, they will most probably take their business somewhere else.

Why Not Having A Contact Page Is Better

It is very important to keep your contact page as simple as possible—the design clean and crisp. And depending on your business, you might want to consider not having a contact page at all.

Instead, you can just have a button on the page that pops up a contact form. Or you can simply make your contact details clear and easily visible throughout your website. It should also be obvious to users that your phone number or email address is clickable so that when they do decide to contact you, they can easily do so.

People will be encouraged to get in touch with you if you make the process for them simple and trouble-free.