How We Make Your Website Mobile Responsive

What does mobile responsiveness mean? Why is it important? How do we implement it on your website?

Mobile responsiveness is simply the way your website adjusts in size, shape and layout to suit the size of a screen. Why should you consider making your website mobile responsive?

Increase Your Market Reach Through A Responsive Design

Depending on your industry, roughly 50 percent of users will probably be using small devices like tablets and phones to access your website. By 2019, the number of mobile phone users is expected to exceed 5 billion worldwide. So it's important to give an optimal experience for users across all devices.

We design our websites to look great, be easy to read and navigate whether they're on a huge desktop monitor or on a tiny little phone.

We Test Your Website Across All Devices

We test the layout of the website, checking if it is displaying properly on a range of all major browsers and screen sizes. We make sure the layer is adjusted and looks great for each one of those screen sizes.

We resize the browser’s window as the layout switches from being on desktop down to fit the breakpoint of a tablet or mobile phone. This helps us identify if there are any rendering issues that must be addressed.

We take into consideration tapping, finger swipes, hovering, pinch-to-zoom and other variances to ensure the website works as expected on different devices.