How To Design A Landing Page That Draws Attention

When redesigning your website, look at it with a fresh pair of eyes.

It’s an exercise we do when we’re looking to improve people’s websites.

When you load the page, try to look at it from the point of view of someone who has no connection to the company—someone without any idea what the site is about.

After quickly skimming through the site, what information pops up to you? What was your first impression?

Users will judge your website based on those first few seconds.

But that’s not really precise. Users will judge your site in one-twentieth of a second. That’s half the time it takes to blink.

And the judgment they make this early will influence how they are going to see your entire website.

Here’s how to make your site’s first impression right

If you don’t want to drive people off with a negative first impression, make sure all the important information you need to get across are clear.

  • Avoid long load times.
  • Use strong headlines.
  • Use images that really stand out.
  • Chunk the text down. Paragraphs must contain only a few sentences so it’s easy to digest or scan through.
  • Don’t overwhelm visitors with a flood of information all at once—stick to your main message.

Once you quickly and easily meet user’s expectations, they will keep on coming back to your site if they want more information. 

If you are having trouble looking at your website from your customer’s perspective, you can get our performance experts to do an audit of your website here.