How A Responsive Website Affects your SEO

The success of an SEO campaign strategy is dependent on several things, one of which is how well your website has been built. 

To get great results, your website must be easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, and must load fast both on mobile and desktop. So before launching your SEO campaign, review your site first or have experts review it for you to make sure nothing will hold it back or affect its performance.

This leads to crucial questions: 

  • How can you check if your site is mobile-friendly?
  • How can you make your site mobile-friendly if it isn’t?
  • How fast or slow is your site’s load speed? Get your site audited today.
  • What can you do to make it load faster? 
  • Have you done everything to make it load as fast as it can go?
  • What are core web vitals and how does it affect your site’s ranking and performance?

I will discuss all these and more in this episode of SEO Leverage with Gert Mellak.