Focus On One Market To Make Your Website More Streamlined

Do you have more than one product or service?

It’s natural to want to give people more information about your business. You get to showcase what you offer so people in turn can make an informed decision.

But this is a mistake.

Too many options increases bounce rates.

Giving people too many options the moment they land on your homepage will only confuse them. People never buy when they are confused—they leave.

And when there are a lot of things going on all at once, navigation also becomes difficult. It frustrates users because they have to wade through tons of information. It’s also bad for SEO.

Highlight one core service or product.

To avoid this kind of trap, assess your business. What’s your core target market, service or product? Where is the bulk of your income coming from?

Which of your market segment is the most profitable? Who are the people you want to serve more or need to attract more of?

Once you have the answer, we recommend you highlight that core service or product on your website. This way, your page will look more focused, the process is more streamlined, users won’t struggle to find what they need.

You can still have your other products and services on the website, but they should not be as primary or as highlighted on the page.