Find Out What Your Clients Are Looking For

Do you want a chance to take a glimpse at what your customers have in mind? Are you curious to know what they want?

Comb through your Google Search Console and Google Analytics regularly. Look back over the last six months. Go through all the available data. You will be able to see how people find you and what sort of searches they are putting in Google.

Google Search Console and Google Analytics will give you some really useful insights—just like what happened with one of our clients.

They found that a lot of people were coming to their site through this PDF they have which were showing up in the search results.

These people were looking for a particular problem and they were thinking that particular PDF will give them the solution for it. However, it was just an invitation flyer to a seminar, nothing more. The PDF has no useful content nor did it contain any contact information.

It was a lost opportunity.

But it did give them a chance to know for certain what users are looking for. All they needed to do to reach out to more people is to publish podcasts, detailed content and blog posts that discuss that topic.

So if you want to get into the minds of users, check your Google Search Console and Google Analytics. It will give you some truly valuable information.