Best Performing WordPress Caching Plugin In Our Tests

In our years of supporting websites all over the world, we have worked with a number of different caching plugins. But there are 3 plugins that we turn to the most and recently we tested and discovered one to be clearly better than the others.

WordPress Caching Plugins are quite important for website speed. With how important speed has become for conversions and Google rankings, the right caching plugin can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

What do WordPress Caching Plugins do?

As the name suggests, the key feature is creating a cached version of the WordPress webpages. However, caching plugins now deliver a wide range of speed optimisation features beyond just the cache.

A Cached copy of a page is a pre-built page that is faster to download because all of the components have been pre-assembled. I like the analogy of being handed a completed lego set vs being given all the pieces individually. These cached pages can be served from CDN data centers close to the user and the website server doesn’t need to do anything when people visit those pages.

Caching plugins also compress your page files, tidy and minify the scripts and CSS code and keep your website database optimized. They also can control the order and timing of elements loading on the page to improve the user experience.

So Which is the Best WordPress Caching Plugin to use?

Until recently we found that WPFC provided the best performance results and we also encountered the least amount of display issues when implementing it. Combined with the fact that it has an inexpensive one-off license. It was an easy decision.

But WPRocket has continued to develop and improve the features of the plugin and it is now a much more stable and powerful tool.

WPRocket is our preferred wordpress caching plugin, it has a comprehensive list of features and covers almost everything you need to optimise your site.

When setup correctly and coupled with Stackpath CDN it gets great results. It is a premium plugin with an ongoing license but this also means that it’s developers are actively improving the plugin and adding new features.

WP Fastest Cache used to be our preferred premium caching plugin and it still holds up, however it has not released any new features for a while and lacks a few things covered by WPRocket.

Breeze is a good, simple free caching plugin, it is limited in scope but is better than not having caching in place.

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