Apply Patches To Vulnerabilities Immediately

Another quick tip in keeping your website secure is to immediately apply patches to vulnerabilities. What does this mean?

What is website vulnerability?

In simple terms, vulnerability is a security loophole or weakness in the system which hackers can exploit to gain access to your site. This could lead to loss of data, broken codes and damaged programs.

Vulnerabilities occur in all sorts of software from time to time including websites—WordPress especially, because it has a lot of different moving parts.

It is important to make sure you are aware of when these vulnerabilities have occurred. Make sure to check and analyze your network and firewall logs for any anomalies.

Prevention is better than cure.

Quite often, vulnerabilities are found before hackers have a chance to really take advantage of it on a large scale.

Patches address flaws in the system or software to keep it stable and safe. Most security incidents can be prevented by a simple patch. So why wait?

We keep an eye on a few different feeds of information that will alert us when a patch is available for a vulnerability that’s been found. When it is, we make sure we apply that to all our websites as quickly as possible.