How To Borrow Authority For Your Website

Credibility is the ultimate influencer.

Customers trust people and companies that have a great reputation; those that are confirmed to be trustworthy and are experts in what they do. So it will help your credibility if you let people know if you have written a book, won awards or have been recognized as an expert in your industry.

Authority by association

But what if you are just starting out and you do not have any of these credentials yet? A great way to build authority is to borrow authority from other public brands in the industry.

If you are affiliated with a respected organization, say it. Have you ever worked with big name clients? You can “borrow” the authority of their brand by saying they are your clients.

Show the logos of well- known brands you use

You can display the logos of well-known software or suppliers that you use and say “We work with these brands” or “We use this software.”

Although you are not associated with them, you’re just using their software, putting their logos on your website gives a visual cue to users that you are working with trusted brands, thus giving you credibility as well.